As this is a week 13/14 unit and we are more than half way, it is becoming overwhelming just how much work is involved.

Our purpose of this Christmas festival is bring together all the elements that are currently instill in Leederville and expand it into the streets. In a nutshell, we are proposing:

  •  A family venue with increase entertainment for children and the arrival of Santa.
  • We are introducing pop up bars.
  • We are providing easier mode of transportation and therefore limiting car park.
  • We are segregating our festival into colour coding to make wayfinding easier.
  • And hopefully, a ‘wow’ factor in our overall setup.

And now onto the inputs…

I’m not entirely sure what inputs are except what I think the word means in a business sense as perhaps a process of breaking down further each entity so it can be manage easier and responsibilities can be delegate into a time frame. I believe this is the time of critical decision making such as the budget, time, resources etc is allocated.

Inputs are essential because it is the nitty gritty of planning.


  • We need people with ‘licence to work with children’ authority paperwork.
  • How many people for 8 children.
  • What is the maximum capacity?
  • We need emergency medical forms filled.
  • Are the staff first aid trained?
  • Need people to register children (admin. skills)
  • Look at Ikea Play center for ideas.
  • Need entertainment and activities whilst in queue.
     Parent supervision would be appreciated.
  • Look into supplier for installation and take down of rides, jumping castles. What are the costs involved and can we negotiate a deal for repeat business?
  • Look into supplier for Santa’s workshop.
  • Look into hire of artificial trees, decorations and snow machine.
  • Order “Oxford Street Festival” t-shirts for staff.
  • Review pay for staff and added benefits such as free lunch and drink.
  • Collaborate with surrounding day cares staff to assist on the day – bring community together and get to know each other
  • How long will it take to set up.
  • Emergency evacuation process.

Set Design – Overhead props

  • Who do we ask for authoritisation?
  • Who do we get to set up? Will the supplier set up or recommendations?
  • How long will it take to setup?
  • What’s the insurance for workplace injury?
  • The material data sheet (MDS) for equipment used and conditions of use.
  • What sort of Occupational Health and Safety is in place.
  • How many people it will take to set up the overhead decorations.

Set Design – Ground Floor Props

  • Look at Bindoon Emu and Deer Farm or West Oz Wildlife for the hire of deers, deer food and cost of transportation.
  • Hire of fencing – cost
  • Hire of trees, lighting and decorations for islands and side walks.
  • Hire Santas – need possibly 4 to rotate. 2 at either end as Oxford Street is very long street.

Ground set design

Pop Up Bars

  • Container style that can be hired.
  • Bar staff with liquor license.
  • How many staff per bar is the minimum allowed.
  • Occupational Health and Safety to be reviewed.
  • How many bars for the street?
  • Set up staff – supplier assistance required.
  • Where will the liquor be stored at close of trade.
  • How many types of liquor will be served. Will it be themed specific? For example, Heineken Beer Bar stock only or only 5 types of top beer served to speed up the queue.
  • Will there be seating?

I’m sure there is more that I missed but when reviewing this list, it is overwhelming that preparation is the key. There is a saying we used when I worked in retail – Preparation prevents P@#$% poor performance!

So this is stage one of our planning. WATCH THIS SPACE.