What is design thinking?

It’s a methodology, Brown from Harvard Business Review quotes “The full spectrum of innovation activities with a human-centered design ethos.” (2008, p. 1)


“Sometimes inspiration starts from squiggles”


We checked out the German team – Reinigungsgesellschaft and their work included Readymade Protest, cycling to produce energy.

These guys are in Perth working on The City of Vincent titled “Urban Storylines” (2012). The below is from their website. (“Reinigungsgesellschaft”, 2012)

What´s planned?
The aim is to carry out an artistic project in three steps that puts the human society in relationship to urban structures in the center of interest:

  1. dialogue with inhabitants
  2. transformation of the captured stories and images into graphics
  3. display of the graphics in public space


The project will examine the geographic and social space by researching cultural identities of Vincent residents. The project grasps the non-visible structures of the area, e.g. legends, self-organized structures of the population, life dreams of the inhabitants and the reflection of them in their story-telling and discussions. In a comparable way like the German Grimm Brothers, who wrote and collected fairy tales in the 19th century in Germany, we will collect stories and legends on interesting events from the inhabitants of Vincent.

Transformation and Visualisation

There will be a phase of conception and image production in the middle of the project. Finally we will realize a public poster campaign. RG will produce the design and layout. The strong graphic appearance creates a recognizable signature in public space and by communicating the future oriented topics the project creates possibilities for new identifications.


The stories will correspond with the urban situation. Also there will be a short explanation and background information of the process, the participants and the framework. After finishing we propose a public event. There could be organized a walking tour along the route with the displays.

So, when I refer back to our group project in design thinking, we have created the ideas (starting point) and we only wanted to focus on some aspects of the festival but after this week consultation, the lecturers weren’t too keen on the overall project, we need to add more to better meet the client’s needs.

The feedback was:

  1. Lacking ‘flavour’
  2. Needed to push to next level
  3. Lack of activities therefore lack of engagement with families. Can families be involved in creating/making the festival
  4. Liked the pop up bar
  5. Did not like the logo

All in all, it was disheartening considering it’s the week before presentation but with any downside, there is hopefully an upside. So back to the drawing board…

And these are more of our design thinking:

  1. Kids Christmas Blue light disco
  2. Decorate battery operated bauble to hang at the festival tree for official opening
  3. Paint your own ceramic Christmas tree
  4. Santa’s helpers hand out bon bon give aways
  5. Santa’s workshop (Creche) – meet and greet Santa and photo opportunity
  6. At various locations on the street there will be face paint, balloons giveaways, slushy and icecream stations
  7. City of Vincent Kids Pass. Find clues on the street and correct answer and location gets a stamp. When all stamps completed, kids get a small prize.

We are crossing our fingers that this will take us to the next level. Design thinking as Brown quotes is “99% Perspiration”. (2001, p. 1)


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