Time flies when you want things to slow down. Week 12 and the countdown to finish is near. I’m going to speed through Week 11 lecture. So what happened?

We had a guest speaker, Charmaine Cave from Cave Design – a book graphic designer giving us an insight to her lifeworld and what to expect for portfolios. She is also the vice president of AGDA.

This is the cover design that Charmaine won for the ‘Get Reading’ program initiated by the government for the Australian Council for the Arts.

In a nutshell:

  • Put the BEST pieces in folio – max of 12
  • Obvious ‘real jobs’ or industry work experience
  • Keep it brief
  • Brief descriptions of pieces
  • Put in concept – ‘thinking process’

And above all ‘DON’T STRESS!‘ If employers flicked through quickly or slowly – they are looking at your style.
Easier said then done…


Cave Design. [2012]. Available from the Cave Design website: http://www.cavedesign.com.au/index.html