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This is an example of a wedding I set up in Margaret River in 2007. The client’s agenda for the table setting is an atmosphere that feels relax, casual, lounge. She wanted contemporary colours of lime, pink and black without  combining all 3 together. The planning took at least 6 months to fruition and tedious scouting of products to fit the image as cost effective as possible.

I’ve used analogical thinking with this piece by recreating a Christmas theme that I’ve seen in a magazine. I’ve kept it pretty simple by using black baubles and sprayed the twigs with silver and for a point of difference – I used fresh apples as candlestick holder and tied the orchids to Birds of Paradise leaves.

Tara Dennis's example of gilded twigs and leaves

This is for the same wedding but using pink and lime instead. This event was particularly challenging as I had to ensure there was sufficient equipment to use, I couldn’t duck to the shops to pick up extra bits and pieces and to allow for breakages due to the long drive.


Dennis, T. (2010). Gilded twigs and leaves. Retrieved from http://www.taradennis.com.au/celebrate/christmas/gildedtwigsandleaves/tabid/954/Default.aspx


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