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This particular work sample is a huge highlight in my first year study. Prior to Uni, I have never heard about Adobe Illustrator or InDesign and in one semester I was taught those programs and Photoshop. This sample was our final ‘piece de resistance’ project. The mission impossible was to design a high gloss movie poster, A4 front and back leaflet and a postcard to present to a client. We were given a choice of golden oldie movies and to revamp for the 2010 version.

I decided to use the 1964 version of Goldfinger starring Sean Connery and made it into a parody using Mike Myers character Austin Powers. This time, I thought I would recreate a new leading lady and thought who would fit the part and Cameron Diaz came to mind to play Goldii Locks. I was very fortunate to find images with both of them and the gun in yellow or gold colours which blended well with the psychedelic (a reference to Austin) background and the title.

Below features my process to the end result.

A4 flyer (front)

A4 flyer (back)








The original Goldmember poster



































Til this day, I’m unsure how I survived the unit considering I was tearing my hair out and was completely Adobe illiterate so I’m pleased with my first effort and realised that although graphic designing is not my forte, I’ve acquired skills that I’d never imagine to possess.



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